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Many hosting companies have started their service in Nepal, but choosing the best one may not be easy. To have a successful business, one must select the best web hosting service. So here we provide you some criteria that a good web hosting must have to give a better service to both the owner and the users.

But before starting, you should always know what services and features you want from the service provider. Features provided by the web hosting company differ from each other and costs accordingly.

Below are some of the things to consider that makes a hosting provider good:

One of the most important things a good web hosting company should have is its Uptime; it is also known as availability. It is the measure of the percent of the time your website is up and available to visitors. More closer to the 100 percent uptime, the better. A good web hosting company will deliver a high percentage of Uptime.

Loading Speed
Another critical factor for good web hosting is the speed at which your website loads and functions. A slow loading site loses visitors and affects the ranking of the website. 

Data Security
Security is most important when you are working with technology, and it is also a major concern in web hosting. A good web hosting company uses standard security measures against cyberattacks.

Customer Support
Whenever you need support from the server, a good hosting company should always offer live support.

Payment methods
If you are hosting an e-commerce site or your site has e-commerce functionality, the customer’s personal and payment information should be a big concern. For this, a hosting company should support Single Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS).

It is an advanced feature where a hosting company can scale up and scale down the performance according to the demand.

Apart from the speed, bandwidth is another crucial feature of good hosting. Bandwidth in website hosting is the volume of data your website can transfer to the visitor of your website in a given amount of time. To have more bandwidth means that more website data can move at one time. 

The amount of bandwidth your website has determined how fast your website can deliver its content to your visitors during peak traffic times. Another critical thing to know is that often hosting companies advertise their service as unlimited bandwidth, but in reality, there is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth. Just because under regular use, the sites on the shared server never use all the available bandwidth; they prefer to say it as unlimited bandwidth to appeal to the customers.

cPanel is a popular Linux-based control panel for web hosting accounts that lets you manage services in a single place. It enables you to manage your web hosting account with maximum efficiency. Installing WordPress, managing domains, and billing accounts are easy via cPanel.

Storage space
The web hosting company provides various storage options depending on your requirement. A single-page website may need less storage compared to multipage websites. So, it is essential to know the amount of storage your website needs to make the decision easy and correct.

Our Recommendation

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Hostnepali has been serving in the web hosting sector of Nepal since 2019. It also has started a cloud web hosting service.


  1. Cloud hosting
  2. cPanel Reseller hosting
  3. Direct Admin Reseller Hosting
  4. VPS Hosting
  5. RDP servers


The starting price of web hosting in Nepal with free Domain, cPanel, and SSL is NRP 300 per year for a high traffic web portal.


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