IOE Entrance Exam 2078

IOE or the Institute of Engineering is an aptitude test conducted by the Tribhuvan University, Institute of Engineering (IOE) for admission to undergraduate and master engineering courses in over 5 constituent campuses and 10 affiliated colleges.

Tribhuvan University Institute of Engineering (IOE) Kathmandu will announce the list of IOE 2078 exam centers soon. TU IOE Entrance exam is conducted at a national level for admission to BE, B.Arch, M.Sc. programs of participating colleges.

IOE Entrance Exam Schedule

TU IOE Entrance exam 2078 date has been announced. Examination Center for IOE 2022 will be published later. There is no change in the Tribhuvan University IOE exam pattern and exam timings. IOE Exam 2078 admit card is expected to be issued soon after the end of the form submission date.

IOE Entrance Exam 2078

Authority nameInstitute of Engineering IOE
Exam nameIOE Entrance Exam
Exam DateJanuary 2022
Exam ModeComputer-Based Exam
Result ModeOnline
Result DateFebruary 2022
Exam Duration3 Hours

IOE 2078 Syllabus

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has released the BCA exam syllabus Nepal for the test exam. A direct link for downloading the IOE syllabus 2078 is provided below the entrance. The IOE BE, B.Arch, M.Sc. program entrance syllabus 2078 remains unchanged but there is a change in the exam pattern with candidates getting a choice of 10 optional questions. Below are the downloadable links to the BCA syllabus for all the paper

IOE Entrance Exam Syllabus

IOE Entrance SyllabusSubject
IOE EnglishEnglish
IOE MathMath
IOE ChemistryChemistry
IOE PhysicsPhysics

Physics: Full Marks 45
Physical science and measurement, Laws of motion, Rotational motion, Thermodynamics, Electronic devices, Electromagnetic induction and alternating currents, Oscillations and waves, Current electricity, Optics, Work, Electrostatics, Energy and power, Kinetic theory of gases, Kinematics, Gravitation, Properties of solids and liquids.

Chemistry: Full Marks 25
Physical Chemistry: Basic concepts in chemistry, Atomic structure, Chemical thermodynamics, Equilibrium, Chemical kinetics, Chemical bonding and molecular structure, States of matter, etc.

Organic Chemistry: Purification and characterization of organic compounds, Organic compounds containing halogens, Chemistry in everyday life, some basic principles of organic chemistry, Organic compounds containing nitrogen, etc.

Inorganic Chemistry: Elements and periodicity in properties, Hydrogen, D- and F- block elements, Environmental chemistry, Block elements (alkali and alkaline earth metals), Block elements group 13 to group 18 elements, etc.

Mathematics: Full Marks 50
Sets, Relations and Functions, Integral Calculus, Mathematical Induction, Matrices and determinants, Complex numbers and quadratic equations, Sequences and series, Statistics and Probability, Trigonometry, Binomial theorem and its simple application, Vector algebra, Permutations and combinations, and Mathematical Reasoning.

English: Full Marks 20

Comprehension of reading passages on a variety of topics and style with special references to (i) General English and
(ii) Technical English.

Grammar – Familiarity with the following aspects:
Parts of Speech, Basic Grammatical Patterns / Structures, Tense and Aspect, Conditional sentences, Verbals:
Infinitives, Participles, and Gerunds, Direct and Indirect Speech, Active and Passive Voice, Kinds of Sentences,
Transformation of sentences, Concord /Agreement, Vocabulary, Use of Prepositions, Idiomatic expressions,
Punctuation, Phonemes and phonetic symbols, Word Stress.

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