Flipkart Reveals What India Is Shopping for as E-Commerce Resumes

Flipkart revealed the different items that Indians are looking for on the e-commerce site, as relaxing lockdown restrictions allow shopping to start again. Self-care and items to help work from home top the list, according to the e-commerce giant.

Since the beginning of the lockdown on March 25, only essential goods were allowed to be sold on e-commerce platforms. From May 4, platforms like Flipkart have been able to resume full-fledged operations in Orange and Green zone districts in India. Understandably, users rushed to buy the things that they needed, from mobiles phones to headphones to shoes, that were out of their reach for the past 40 days both online and offline.

Flipkart said that while staying indoors, people seem to be focusing more on self-care products, upgrading communication device to be able to work from home better, and taking up new hobbies. Anil Goteti, Senior VP at Flipkart said in a release that the demand for laptops, mobiles, headphones, air-conditioners, coolers, t-shirts, etc. has grown in Green and Orange zones
As on May 4, consumers in India have been increasingly looking for personal grooming equipment. Trimmers have been one of the top-10 most searched products on Flipkart in the last two weeks and their demand has seen a 4.5 times increase since the beginning of April. Searches for headsets has doubled as people stay at home and work from home. Demand for mobiles phones on Flipkart continues to be there but the mid-premium range of phones has seen the biggest surge.

Flipkart said that customers have been searching for shoes 1.8 times more than sarees, meaning there has been an inclination among people during the lockdown towards a healthier lifestyle. Searches for fans, ACs, and LPG stoves have also more than doubled.
The consumers who couldn’t buy the products that they needed until May 3 are able to do so now in areas that have been marked as Orange and Green zones. However, people in the Red zones will have to wait for further orders and until then, manage with only essential products.

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